Version 0.87.10 - Release

We have released new version of 3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT. You can install it using Foundry browser! Remember to backup world before upgrading! Please report any bugs to #bugs channel on discord
Main new changes in this version are:


  • Automated AC checking when applying damage
    • Added support for Optional AC modifiers, added Optional AC modifiers to feats in compendium
  • Fortification - keeping information about fortification critical hit immunity
    • Automatically resolved on Apply Dialog critical hit check
    • Possibility to add via changes
    • Implemented in all Racial HD and Templates in Compendium, added to Fortification enhancement
  • Accessible color scheme (enabled by default by mistake - you can turn it off in system settings)


  • Added new Sneak Attack class feature that uses Combat Changes mechanism. It will replace old one on chars on update.
  • Added new Turn/Rebuke undead feature (to allow non-standard Turn/Rebuke creatures in future). It will be added to chars on update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed rolling skills from summary tab on Character sheet
  • Fixed some icons having “.PNG” file extension instead of “.png”
  • Fixed classes/races with EL set to empty breaking Exp calculation
  • Fixed domain spell slot assignments
  • Fixed class skills/non-class when using level progression
  • #162 - Token light radius fixes
  • #168 - Added Change target for Touch AC
  • #166 - +1 Armor Enhancement correctly adds +1 by default
  • Other minor fixes