Version 0.87.12 - Release

We have released new version of 3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT. You can install it using Foundry browser! Remember to backup world before upgrading! Please report any bugs to #bugs channel on discord
Main new changes in this version are:


  • Implemented Improved Critical, Epic Weapon Focus, Multiweapon Fighting, Multiattack
  • Implemented automatic ability modifier change for creatures with one natural attack
  • Reimported monsters from SRD


  • Saving Throws system rework
    • Saving Throw Combat Modifiers (working like attacks and AC combat modifiers)
    • Saving Throw common types (Will/Reflex/Fortitude Negates or Half) with possibility of assigning different Ability modifier to roll
  • Added featSpellDCBonus combat change that raises spell DC
  • Attacks created from unidentified weapons now create attacks with base weapon stats
  • New interface for adding items on character sheets

Bug Fixes

  • Magic Items abilities not resetting on rest
  • Item Type and Action Type in Combat Changes have more meaningful names now.
  • Bag of Holding (and similar items) now correctly do not count content weights to Character carrying weight
  • #177 - Skill points now correctly calculate for cross and non-class skills
  • #179 - Skill points now correctly reset after reducing them to 0 in level up data.
  • #176 - Ability damage correctly changes carry weight
  • #185 - Disabled abilities disappear from Class Progression table
  • #194 - Input for sub-skill name now takes all available space
  • #169 - Wrong special action order in spell fixed
  • #62 - Swarms have correct token size