Version 0.87.13 - Release

We have released new version of 3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT. You can install it using Foundry browser! Remember to backup world before upgrading! Please report any bugs to #bugs channel on discord
Main new changes in this version are:


  • Fixed Bugbear, Lacedon, Ghoul, Dire Rat, Thoqqua, Water Mephit, Ghast, Ogre, Ogre Mage
  • Fixed Monk entry


  • Moved inventory from tabs to separated list, improved in-place add overlay

Bug Fixes

  • #206 - Armor Check penalty on Swim Skill should be doubled Bug
  • #115 - Monk’s and regular unarmed strike
  • #130 - SRD Monk issues
  • #209 - Arcane Trickster Prestige Class issues
  • #208 - Class Features do not display properly
  • #200 - Ability damage modifications apply correct carry weight ranges, but it does not apply related maluses until you modify the inventory
  • #191 - Set buff “x” field data.level to random Value
  • #170 - Fast Clicking breaks how Full attack should work
  • #90 - Make all bonuses showed for attack bonuses fields on mouse over.
  • #184 - Ranger doesn’t have armor and weapon proficiencies
  • #201 - HP reg and Buff lost while rest
  • #199 - Apply half Damage and the Chatcard