Version 0.87.8 - Release

We have released new version of 3.5e SRD for Foundry VTT. You can install it using Foundry browser! Remember to backup world before upgrading! Please report any bugs to #bugs channel on discord
Main new changes in this version are:


  • Added most basic Templates (except Lycanthrope)
  • Added basic support for Domains and Spell Schools (spell list, description)
  • Added short spell descriptions to all Spells and Powers
  • Added spell list for Psychic Warrior


  • Damage Types implementation with Resistances and Damage Reduction
    • You can now set complex Damage Reduction schemes and Energy Resistances
    • Weapons can be set to use correct Damage types on Attacks (with simple mapping provided for existing attacks).
    • Ability to create custom Energy types for damage
    • Automatic DR/ER resolving when using Apply Damage functionality
    • Basic Material support for Weapons (you can find basic materials in Materials Compendium)
    • Warning! Old Damage Reduction and Energy Resistances will not be migrated automatically to new version! You have to do it manually.
  • Spell School and Domain Support
    • Added support for Spell School and Domain slot for classes that support it
    • Spells from Spell School or Domain have their own spell slot that does not use slots for normal spells.
    • Warning! Classes that were added to characters before this udate will net to have the option “Has special spell slot (Domain/School)” enabled manually
  • Template support
    • Added special class type “Template”, that has its level automatically set to actor HD
    • Most of the templates are drag-and-drop, with only very complex ones needing manual character alteration

Quality of Life Improvements

  • Spells now display short description in the spell list (this can be turned off in options)
  • More links to the compendium on character sheet to ease access to pre-generated data
  • Skill screen has been reworked to better show which skills have ranks, which require training and more

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed enhancements to be in line with new Damage Types system
  • Changed how Undead 0 Constitution is handled by the system.